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The LMR Companies Mission

Two companies, LMR Trucking and LMR Auto Transport Brokerage, both formed in order to provide “one-stop shopping” for companies and individuals looking for auto transport that is safe, efficient, reliable and affordable.

The rate to you, the customer, is the same, regardless of which LMR company is responsible for the transport of your vehicle(s). The assignment of the transport of your vehicle(s) to one company, or the other, depends on the size, point of origin and the destination of the load, and available capacity of LMR’s trucks as well as the type of transport required to best meet your needs.

LMR Trucking


LMR Trucking has forty-five trucks running the shipping lanes throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

LMR Trucking ServicesOne of the main roles of LMR Trucking Inc. is transporting bulk orders to and from auctions and auto dealerships, and we pride our selves on our reliability and service.

LMR Brokerage Inc.


LMR Auto Transport Brokerage arranges with third party carriers, those that are part of our preferred network, for transporting vehicles that fall outside the parameters of LMR Trucking.

Brokering the transport of these vehicles enables LMR to operate efficiently, affordably, and quickly, thus providing LMR’s customers with the same great service even if their needs are “outside the box” of LMR Trucking.